Fruit & Vegetable Wash

If you’re only rinsing your produce with water, that doesn’t mean it’s clean. Water does not completely eliminate pesticides or the wax that is sprayed on produce to help extend shelf life.

With a few simple steps and the help of Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash you can help your family live a healthier lifestyle. Just spray, rub, rinse and enjoy cleaner produce.

Multiple hand touch veggies & fruits leaving germs on them

Washing with water is not enough

Soap is harsh on veggies

See the difference

Drag to wash the blueberries with Arm & Hammer Fruit and Vegetable Wash to see the difference!

With Water



Sprinkle produce with Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Gently rub produce to remove soil and wax

Rinse under water to wash away pesticides, wax and soil

For Hard Skin Produce

• Shake on to wet produce

• Rub

• Rinse

For Soft Skin Skinned Or Leafy Produce

• Sprinkle in a bowl of water

• Add produce

• Agitate & rinse