Ultra clean teeth
  • Neutralize plaque
  • Clean mint flavor
  • Tartar control

Advance White Brilliant Sparkle Gel

Daily flouride anti-cavity mint toothpaste
  • Contains baking soda particles
  • Gentle deep cleaning & freshens breath
  • Contains micro-polishers to control tartar

Advance White Complete Care

Daily whitening baking soda toothpaste
  • CrystalClean-88 Baking Soda technology
  • Deep cleaning ensures lasting freshness
  • Clinically proven to whiten teeth

Advance White Brilliant Sparkle Cream

Enamel care for natural whitening
  • Dental grade baking soda
  • Patented Liquid Calcium technology fills tooth surfaces
  • Naturally restores lost surface enamel for whiter teeth

Enamel Care With Liquid Calcium